Practical tips for choosing a smartphone case

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 Practical tips for choosing a smartphone case

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Properly selected protective accessories for a smartphone can significantly extend its life by saving the case from scratches, and the screen from cracks and critical damage. Given the cost of the device itself and the price tag for these accessories, you definitely should not neglect them. But you don’t need to buy the first cover that caught your eye either. Follow the practical advice.

For every smartphone – your own case

For example, if a person wants to show off a flagship model, they should pay attention to cases for the iPhone 14, which will not detract from the “apple design”; and will not hide from view that you have the latest version of the smartphone, and not the 12th or 13th predecessor.
This is not only about the compatibility of accessories and specific models of “smart phones”, although this criterion is certainly important. The cover should suit the wearer's habits and style.

Degree of protection – from minimal to complex

Consider what is more important to you – quick maneuvers with a smartphone and ease of use or full protection of the device from all sides. You can't get both.

In the first case, choose bumpers and pads, and in the second – “books”. Cases with an increased level of protection can protect your phone from bumps, drops and moisture (depending on the accessory model). Such accessories will be appropriate if you often drop your phone or your work environment is potentially dangerous for fragile equipment.

In addition, reinforced cases add weight and thickness to the device. Therefore, for example, it would be unreasonable to first look for a super-slim model of the device, and then make it heavier with a bulky case.

But what about the material of the case?

Yes, this is also a priority selection criterion. No one wants the cover to fail to protect against damage due to the wrong choice of material, or fade, stretch, and crack itself.

Durable material – it is metal, but, as you understand, it has its own “nuances”; like the weight and opacity of the case. Just as strong and lighter – carbon, but it costs more.

Silicone or rubber – the most popular material. These covers do not slip into the hands, dampen the force of impact relatively well, but can stretch over time. Finally, there are plastic accessories – they can shatter on impact without protecting your smartphone, the smooth polycarbonate and plastic slides in your hand.
Fabric cases – it is rather an imitation of protection, performing a decorative function. But they are inexpensive.

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