Powerful strikes against Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Damascus

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 Powerful strikes on Iranian and Hezbollah targets in Damascus

On the evening of October 26, Saudi media reported that shipments of weapons transferred from Iran to Hezbollah were attacked in the Damascus region. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least four rockets hit targets at the Damascus airport and in the Saida Zainab area, south of the capital. According to the country's media, there are no reports of casualties. The Syrian army reported damage.

According to reports, among the targets that were attacked was an Iranian cargo plane Il “EP-PUS”; . It was also reported that aircraft of this model were spotted last week on the Tehran-Moscow route. ]

About three days ago, the Syrian News Agency reported that two explosions had sounded in the skies around Damascus, after weapons depots that were supposed to go from Iran to Hezbollah. As a result of the attacks, the warehouses used for the storage and transmission of “secret materials” were destroyed. from Iran to Lebanon. According to reports, the warehouses hit by Israel are being used by Unit 4400, which is responsible for transferring weapons to the Hezbollah terrorist organization. used to assemble Iranian-made drones. Saudi TV channel "Al-Arabiya" added that, according to his sources, unit 4400 was involved in the transfer of “dangerous weapons” under the guise of humanitarian aid. Sources who spoke to the channel listed Haj Fadi as the head of the unit.

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