Powerful prayer to Saint Catherine about marriage!

Often women turn to the mother of God.

Мoгутня молитва святій Катерині про заміжжя!

There are wonderful prayers, call to the Lord about the imminent marriage, reports Rus.Media. Often women turn to the mother of God. But other saints can help in this matter. Writes “Good advice”

Whom to contact?

Pray about marriage you St. Nicholas, Varvara, equal to the apostles Princess Olga, Xenia. Especially powerful prayer to Saint Catherine.

Only prayer is not to sound demanding. It must come from the heart, the woman should be in a humble state and be ready to accept any result. December 7 – the day of St. Catherine. Prayer before her image in this day is especially effective. Many girls claim that on this day, asked about the meeting with the Holy betrothed, and soon, their wishes came true.

Before you pray to a particular Saint, to become better acquainted with his life and find out why it can and should handle such requests.

Power Catherine the great Martyr

Saint Catherine is revered around the world. For the Western world she was the patroness of learning. In the Eastern world Catherine is revered as the one who helps women during pregnancy and childbirth. In Russia the first point of contact of the girl asking for marriage – the Holy GreatMartyress Catherine. Prayer is the best means to achieve the desired, with the blessing of the Lord. In Greek language the name of the Holy means “always pure.” The legend says that anyone with faith in your heart, my prayer to Catherine will receive her grace, and all requests will be communicated to the questioner of the Lord. Prayer to Saint Catherine – a cry for all women who come to her in any difficult situations.

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How to pray the Holy

Prayer to Saint Catherine about marriage to Ask for mercy of the great Martyr Catherine in the temple or home. They say that home is better to pray in solitude, so that nothing could detract from such a hidden mystery.

In the Church you can buy an icon. It is very important that the temple icon consecrated. Also beneficial, if the person praying priests. You can order in the temple akathist to St. Catherine.

If possible, the prayer is better to attend in person. You can read the akathist and of the house for several days. The prayer should be read every day. Possibly you can go to the place where the relics of the Saint and venerate him. Very gracious of St. Catherine. Prayer to her with all my heart in Church or at home, will necessarily be heard. Although it is believed that liturgical prayer is much stronger. Also a special arrangement you can get during the holidays.

St. Catherine. Prayer about marriage

Prayer to Saint Catherine about marriage “On priblizena the great Martyr Catherine, the frequency of your glory, you’re a pillar of Orthodoxy, our hope and intercessor, for he has shown himself to us. We beseech Thee, the ascetic, the Holy virgin, do not look down on us, quench our prayers, protect from harm, eliminate from our minds all of the Eclipse gave us philosophize about the spiritual, not the earthly. Pray for us to the Lord to go with us all the carnal desires and passions in this mortal world. Preserve us from the wiles of evil spirits, viciously attacking us. Under cover and protecting us will be free from the enemy’s afflictions.

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O Holy virgin! Give us the opportunity to address You with a request, you can give to your beloved, our Lord Jesus Christ. To him honor and glory now and ever, and unto ages of ages! Amen.” This prayer to Saint Catherine of universal. Saying it, you can continue in your own words to ask for her desired. Only this should be done with full dedication prayer, from the heart.

Prayer to Saint Catherine about getting married

Holy great Martyr Catherine, reliable intercessor ours!

I ask for God groom sincere and faithful.

Only you have hope! Bless me God. Amen.

How important is it to appeal to the saints asking about marriage

Orthodox saints is angelic assistants, who light our path to the Lord. If the person becomes this way, he gets great support not only in the spiritual search for truth, but in the earthly, mundane Affairs. Each prayer has its own purpose. God’s choice was St. Catherine. Prayer for marriage, addressed to her, most appropriate. A believing woman is obliged to be a good wife and homemaker. The only exceptions are those who chose the path of monastic obedience.

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