Powerful magnetic storms are approaching Earth: the most dangerous dates in March

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 Powerful magnetic storms are approaching the Earth: the most dangerous dates of March

March 2023 is very rich in magnetic storms of varying intensity and power. Right now, the Earth is experiencing another burst of geomagnetic activity, but after it several more will follow and they will be much stronger.

Medium-strength storms will occur on March 20 and 21.

The most powerful storms in March will be observed on March 26 and then on March 27 (K-index 7 and K-index 6). It is worth noting that they will be the most powerful in the last few months. Prior to this, the K-index of storms did not exceed 5 points.

Magnetic storms — These are perturbations of the geomagnetic field of our planet, lasting from several hours to several days. They are formed when perturbed solar wind streams collide with the Earth's surroundings, and then interact with the magnetosphere.

During the activity of magnetic storms, some weather-dependent and pregnant people may experience headaches, pain in the heart, joints and back. In addition, citizens with chronic diseases and weakened immune systems need to be careful these days.

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