PowerCure Skin by international skincare brand Ronit Rafael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

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 PowerCure Skin by international skin care brand Ronit Rafael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

International skin care brand Ronit Raphael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE is responsible for the skin care of celebrities such as Shakira, Bruce Willis, Maggie Ryan, Juliette Binoche, princesses from the countries Persian Gulf, as well as many famous Israeli women such as Galit Gutman and her daughters, Dalia Mazor, Sandra Sade and many others.

 PowerCure Skin by international skin care brand Ronit Rafael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

GENEVE L. RAPHAEL launches a revolution in home beauty treatments — PowerCure Skin — four skin care kits for home use, which combine advanced technological equipment with photo and radio frequency technology and short-term electrical stimulation, as well as the brand's famous skincare products. Innovative and cutting-edge technology allows you to complete at-home treatments for visible results from the first use for all skin types.
The new skin care kits were first presented at the Cannes Film Festival last May to significant acclaim and rave reviews many media around the world:

Hollywood Reporter:

Forbes France:
https://www.forbes.fr/luxe/powercure-skin-la-nouvelle-innovation-a-domicile-signee-l-raphael-pour-une-routine-beaute-cinq-etoiles /

Ronit Rafael: “Throughout the years of our activity in the field of beauty and health in Israel and in the world, we always look to the future. We study everything that is innovative in this area and strive to give our customers the best. Our research and development team is constantly working on developments that combine science with cutting-edge technology. Home care is an effective addition to clinic procedures and enhances skin care results.

 PowerCure Skin by international skincare brand Ronit Raphael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

4 home care kits that are specially adapted for different skin types and combine the famous L. RAPHAEL care products with a modern and technological home care device:

< strong>Pigmentation & Dark Eyes Home Kit

Combined with L.Raphael proactive products

< strong>Home Anti-Aging Care Kit — for skin hydration and collagen production.

Combined with L.Raphael proactive and Ultimate products

Healthy skin care home kit, stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Combined with L.Raphael's Ultimate and Perfection products

At home care kit for oily and acne-prone skin

Combined with L. RAPHAEL mineral products

 PowerCure Skin by international skincare brand Ronit Raphael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

The new PowerCure Skin device was developed in Switzerland under the guidance of Professor Paolo Giacomoni, who has over 40 years of skin care experience. Giacomoni founded the European Society for Photobiology and the European Network for the Biology of Aging. He was the former director of research for Estee Lauder and his insights into biochemistry led to the launch of the brand's flagship products.

About PowerCure Skin — the device combines three technologies that help to tighten the skin and significantly improve its appearance in a short time: radio frequency technology, LED beams and short-term electrical stimulation.

 PowerCure Skin by international skin care brand Ronit Rafael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

PowerCure Skin technology promotes effective absorption of therapeutic ingredients into the skin, significantly increasing their effectiveness. Procedures using the device significantly reduce wrinkles, strengthen the skin and remove age spots, scars, acne and other defects. The results are long lasting and visible when the right care products are used.

EMS microcurrents— As we age, our skin's electrical conductivity weakens, a process that reduces skin firmness and contributes to the formation of wrinkles, bags under the eyes, and sagging skin. Microcurrent technology, combined with L. RAPHAEL products, increases muscle tone by improving natural electrical conductivity and thus promotes the renewal of facial muscle tissue, as well as makes the skin firmer and smoother.

LED technology — this unique technology stimulates blood flow, accelerates cell metabolism, breaks down and removes harmful substances from the skin. The technology, combined with L.RAPHAEL products, optimally prepares the skin for the absorption of active ingredients and helps the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and work optimally exactly where they are needed.

This technology uses light three colors:
Red — anti-aging — wavelength from 630 nm to 830 nm. These waves penetrate deep into the skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.
Green — anti-pigment and anti-aging — wavelengths from 525nm to 830nm are used to treat dilated capillaries, sagging skin around the eyes and hyperpigmentation.
Blue — against oiliness and acne scars — waves that penetrate the top layer of the skin at 430nm and 450nm and are used to kill acne-causing bacteria, improve skin appearance and prevent breakouts.

With daily use of PowerCure Skin, you can improve blood circulation in the skin and the penetration of cosmetics into the deeper layers of the skin while: deep cleansing of the skin, the introduction of nutrients deep into the skin, tightening the skin, giving a fresh and radiant appearance, activating collagen production, brightening age spots, reducing pores and skin oil control.

Ease of use at home– Ronit Rafael believes that usability is just as important as quality. The device has been designed for all skin types. The device is lightweight and easy to take with you wherever you go, so there's no need to forego your daily skin care routine, even when you're away from home. PowerCure Skin can be treated anytime, anywhere.

 PowerCure Skin by international skincare brand Ronit Raphael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

For maximum results, it is recommended to combine L.RAPHAEL products by series and 4-step method.
The device is suitable for women, men and teenagers

PowerCure Skin Kits can be purchased at the centers «Ronit Raphael-Mada HaYofi» throughout the country and in the new Studio C network.

Estimated price starts from NIS 2900.

About Ronit Rafael:Ronit Raphael began her career in therapeutic aesthetics about 35 years ago and has paved the way for the entire field and has been an inspiration to many. Since then, she has led the field of advanced aesthetics in Israel and has been developing and innovating in the field of cosmetics and aesthetics. She got into it after personally dealing with a severe chemical burn on her face caused by a failed acne scar treatment. The search for aesthetic solutions prompted her to create, for the first time in Israel, an organization that brings together the fields of cosmetics and aesthetic medicine under one roof.

 PowerCure Skin by international skincare brand Ronit Raphael L. RAPHAEL GENEVE

Today «Ronit Raphael-Mada HaYofi» in Israel, with 13 branches throughout the country and over half a million clients, it is the largest and leading chain of beauty salons in Israel. Many celebrities who have been treated and are being treated in the centers have become its ambassadors. Among them: Galit Gutman, Dalia Mazur, Ricky Gal, Ruby Porat Shuval, Yuval Kaspin, Milli Avital, Moti Raif Limor Goldstein, Dalia Mantwar and many others. in Israel and around the world combine the best technologies and leading medical specialists and offer a variety of technological solutions in the field of cosmetology and advanced medical aesthetics.

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