Povaliy released a video for the first six years, a Ukrainian song

Повалий выпустила клип на первую за шесть лет украиноязычную песню

Povaliy released a video for the first six years, a Ukrainian song
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The song is included in the new album of the artist, dedicated to the 55th anniversary.

The singer Taisiya Povaly for the first time in six years, presented a video for the Ukrainian song “Vitry close”. The composition will be included in the new album of the actress “Eyforiya”, which will present in late February. About premiere clip Povaly told the fans in .

– Every feeling has many faces, love especially! It is not a linear concept – is that in human life plays an important role. Video about bright and intimate moments in the life of each and every pair! Be sure that students recognize themselves and get a feel for what they wanted to give me them – shared in the post for them.

The storyline is based on love story of a young couple. According to the artist, released the video is an experiment, and its main footage recorded on a mobile phone. The idea of this format Povaliy proposed Director Sergei Guman and Jaroslav Gubsky from the company Luck out Club. They were preparing the program of the anniversary concert of the artist in the Palace of Ukraine, and has worked with Svetlana Loboda (“Guy”, “Random”), Diana Arbenina (“Sad people”), Open Kids (“don’t dance”) and Anna Sedokova (“Piranha”).

– Tells the story of the video work, it’s the story of young and never dying feeling. A story that is beautiful in the memory of each person. Like, that everyone who sees the video, reminded of the love, that she always lives in heart and soul. Love is motion and nothing else, – said the artist.

Earlier memories also announced in social networks the video clip for a dance song, “Give it to meni love”, which will appear in an unusual for fans of fashion images.


Taisiya Povaliy Defeat perceive as an internship

December 10, people’s artist of Ukraine is 55 years old.

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