Potap became the victim of a Scam: “Girl has terminal”

Потап стал жертвой мошенников: "Девочка имеет стержень"

Famous Ukrainian singer, showman and producer Potap, who is now the coach of vocal show “the voice of the country”, became a victim of its popularity

There were deloc that using the name and photo of Alexey Potapenko (the real name of the artist), created a fake web page in Facebook and lured money from the artists, offering them services PR. Asked inexpensive — just three of thousands of USD from the client. Colleagues Potap group MOZGI even provided in correspondence with the pseudo-captain.

Musicians immediately sounded the alarm and tried his best to block fake web page.

“Be careful, this is not a real page Potap (Potapenko, Aleksey). Do not believe in any messages or suggestions from this user! Next to the name click on the MORE button and “Report this profile”! This will help to block this account faster,” wrote the musicians.

Потап стал жертвой мошенников: "Девочка имеет стержень"

Потап стал жертвой мошенников: "Девочка имеет стержень"

As is evident from the correspondence of a crook, he mollify naive girl to fall for his offer. And writes that “the Girl has the rod”.

At the moment, the fake page is already locked.

Note that the famous Ukrainian singer Nastya Kamensky, who performs under the pseudonym NK, recently radically changed the way and well lost weight, and brags on his page in Instagram.

The celebrity went on vacation to Sunny Mexico together with rapper Potap, who long ago attributed to romance and marriage. So, the whole holiday artists exhibited photos and history separately, however, recently Nastya all the same “light up” the joint with a beloved man, by a Positive and his wife.

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Потап стал жертвой мошенников: "Девочка имеет стержень"

Recall that Potap for all ridiculed winnik.

As reported Politeka, Potap publicly disgraced: They are aphids, dust and servants than with us.

Also Politeka wrote that Kamensky made the fans worried.

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