Possible resumption of shelling: IDF on high alert

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 Possible resumption of shelling: IDF on high alert

Israeli media reports that the IDF is on high alert against a possible resumption of rocket attacks from Gaza.

The reason is the liquidation of the terrorist leader Ibrahim Nabulsi in Shechem on the morning of August 9.

Nabulsi, despite his young age, was the organizer of several attacks on Israeli pilgrims at the tomb of Forefather Yosef. There have been three attempts to capture him in the past, but he has always managed to get away.

Nabulsi has become a well-known figure thanks to the many videos on TiTok showing him during attacks against the Israelis.

After the elimination of Nabulsi during a fierce battle in Shechem, the security services and the IDF were put on high alert out of fear.

The Al-Aqsa Brigades, the military wing of the terrorist organization Islamic Jihad, issued a statement in connection with the assassination of terrorist Ibrahim Nalbusi in Nablus.

the statement reads: “We mourn our leader Ibrahim al-Nalbusi and his friends, Islam Sabuh and Hussmein Taha, and emphasize. that the reaction will correspond to the scale of the crime”.

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