Portrait of Mona Lisa turned into animation. Video

Портрет Джоконды превратили в анимацию. Видео

Unusual work was done with the help of artificial intelligence.

Researchers at Samsung with the help of artificial intelligence have created an algorithm that allowed to revive one of the world’s most famous paintings – a painting by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci Mona Lisa or La Gioconda, reports the Chronicle.info with reference to UA News.

The result of the developers posted on YouTube.

Team Samsung AI Center has created an app that allows you to animate any photo, which is loaded by a user. The experiment was conducted on the Mona Lisa, but you can use any pictures, even his own.

“Users can even create videos. And all this in a short time,” the researchers said.

The developers claim that the program can be relevant for video conferencing in the field of special effects.

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In the experimental video shows the Mona Lisa who is talking. In the video, her person, has real genuine emotion.

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