Popular tourist country will stop letting in “poor” tourists

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Popular tourist country will stop letting in the 'poor' ; tourists

Bali wants to restrict the visits of some travelers.

Bali may ban tourists and budget travelers when the country is back will open the borders for tourists, Chronicle.info reports with reference to RBC.

& # 171; Bali borders remain closed to foreign visitors due to strict COVID-19 protocols. But when Bali reopens to tourism, officials say some tourists will no longer be welcomed to the island & # 187 ;, the publication said.

According to The Bali Sun, Indonesian authorities intend to reopen the popular a resort island for foreign travelers from countries with a low risk of COVID-19 transmission, once the island reaches status & # 171; partial isolation level 2 & # 187 ;.

& # 171; This idea sounds amazing & # 171;

It was previously planned to reopen tourism on the island at the end of July, but a surge in coronavirus cases thwarted this strategy, the news notes.

& # 171; But by far the most controversial part of the opening plan is the official statement that that they will strive to limit the number of guests who can visit Bali & # 187 ;, – ThePointsGuy writes.

& # 171; We will strive for quality tourism in Bali, therefore & nbsp; we will not allow tourists -backpackers & nbsp; (for travelers who travel on a budget, from English backpacking & # 8212; & nbsp; ed .) & nbsp; come here & nbsp; after in the near future the opening plan for international travelers will be officially approved & # 187 ;, – said the Minister-Coordinator for Maritime Affairs and Investment of the country & nbsp; Lukhut Binsar Panjayitan.

But at the same time, they did not disclose any details about how they will act with any specific type of tourists, or how a & # 171; quality tourist & # 187; will be determined, are specified in the publication.

& # 171; This idea sounds amazing when you think about it. How do you & # 171; filter out & # 187; tourists according to their financial situation? & # 187 ;, – write in ThePointsGuy.

Bali has been a magnet for budget & # 187; for many years now. tourists are added on the website.

& # 171; Who can blame them? Rich tropical nature, seductive beaches and an emphasis on wellness and wellness services make Bali a worthy destination on your list of destinations, even if you can't pay for one of the island's many upmarket resorts & # 187 ;, the post says.

Bali's location in Southeast Asia also makes it relatively easy to get to & # 8212; another reason why tourists flock to the island.

& # 171; Restricting such visitors to the island & # 8212; if they (authorities & # 8212; & nbsp; ed .) will be able to decide how to do it & # 8212; can be doomed to failure for a country that wants to resume the lucrative tourism industry & # 187 ;, – write ThePointsGuy.

However, such a measure is not too new: in many popular destinations they are considering ways to limit mass tourism for environmental reasons and quality of life. But this does not & # 171; filter & # 187; their travel budget is noted in the publication.

Is it possible to go to Bali from Ukraine today

At the moment, due to the worsening situation with COVID, entry into Indonesia, which includes the island of Bali, is strictly limited.

Holidays in Bali will not be available for foreign tourists until the number of cases of COVID-19 will not decrease , the Minister of Tourism and Economy of Culture of Bali said earlier Sandiago Uno .

According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, as of now, get into the country can only certain categories of citizens.

Among them & # 8212; foreigners & # 8212; holders of diplomatic or service visas, holders of diplomatic or official residence permits, holders of temporary or permanent residence permits (KITAS/KITAP).

Foreigners traveling with a documented medical or humanitarian purpose can also enter Indonesia … Entry is also allowed for members of the crews of aircraft or ships arriving in the country on board their ships.

& # 171; Entry into the country for tourism purposes is still banned & # 171 ;, – reported on the website of the department.

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