Popular myths about the likely death of the Earth due to an asteroid debunked

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Popular myths about the probable death of the Earth due to an asteroid

Myth in which it is time to stop believing.

How many books and films have been created about this – and do not count. For some reason, people are very attracted to the idea that the Earth could be destroyed by an asteroid, Chronicle.info reports with reference to Channel 24.

So much so that space agencies and scientists from all over the world are forced to regularly refute reports of the appearance of a dangerous space body near the Earth.

An asteroid is about to fall on the Earth

This is not even one myth, but a whole series – in which sheep after sheep follow the same mantras: the asteroid threatens the Earth, now there will be the end of the world and blah blah blah.

  • NASA patiently refutes such stuffing almost every year, does not ignore, argues, but in vain.

And all because asteroids do sometimes hit the Earth (of course, small ones).

The same NASA and the network of monitoring telescopes around the world catalogs all known asteroids whose width exceeds 140 meters (potentially threatening the Earth).

  • So, from the open so far there is not a single one that could at least theoretically pop Part to Earth in the near future.
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