Popular Korean group BTS filmed music video at UN headquarters

Popular Korean group BTS filmed a video at UN headquarters

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Popular South Korean K-pop group BTS performed at the UN General Assembly. In addition to the official speech, the artists danced and sang in the General Assembly building, and their performance was filmed.

The clip was broadcast during the General Assembly meeting.

It is noted that the UN has chosen popular musicians as “ new generation ambassadors. '' During their performance, BTS talked about how the pandemic has affected young people, and also highlighted the important issue of climate change.

UN representatives have bet that BTS, who are known among young people around the world will be able to motivate new generations to fulfill the sustainable development goals set by the UN and a number of countries. Among these goals are the elimination of hunger and poverty, gender equality, providing the world's population with clean water, etc.

By the way, the live broadcast of BTS's performance at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly attracted more than 1 million corners of the world.

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