Pontiff hails historic Jewish-Catholic initiative

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 Pontifex hails historic Jewish-Catholic initiative

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Pope Francis welcomed the launch of the historic Kishreinu initiative by the World Jewish Congress (WJC) (“Our Connection”), the purpose of which is to strengthen Jewish-Catholic ties throughout the world. “In the light of our common religious heritage, let us see the present as a challenge that unites us, as an incentive for joint action. Our two religious communities are charged with the task of working to make the world more fraternal, combat forms of inequality and promote greater justice,” the pontiff said. He received leaders of Jewish communities from more than 50 countries at the Apostolic Palace. They gathered for the first ever meeting of the Executive Committee of the World Jewish Congress in the history of the Vatican. It is expected that the Kishreinu initiative will serve as the response of the Jewish community to the Declaration of Nostra Aetate of the Second Vatican Council, which in 1965 modernized relations between the Roman Catholic Church and the Jewish people.

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