Polygamy of the century: Saudi married 53 times in 43 years

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 Polygamist of the century: Saudi married 53 times in 43 years

A man from Saudi Arabia has been married 53 times in 43 years. This is reported by Gulf News. The 63-year-old hero of the story is called Abu Abdullah. He said that he wanted to find peace and stability. Abdullah deservedly received the nickname “polygamist of the century.” “When I first got married, I didn’t plan to marry more than one woman because I felt comfortable and had children. But after a while, problems arose and I decided to remarry when I was 23 and informed my wife of my decision, — he said. He married for the first time at the age of 20. His wife was six years older. The couple quarreled, so he decided to marry another woman. The situation repeated itself with her and with her successors. The shortest marriage lasted only one night. Most of his wives were from Saudi Arabia, but there were also foreign women whom he married during his trips abroad.

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