Polyakova showed the video creeps up: “Looks are deceiving”

Полякова показала видео до мурашек: "Внешность очень обманчива"

Valentine’s Day famous Ukrainian singer Olya has Polyakovskaya a Grand gift to the fans. On the official page in Instagram the star posted several pics and videos

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, Polyakova made for the fans scris – a selection of striking photos from his concert and touching video with a sexy song that tells the fans about the importance of the most tender feelings.

Полякова показала видео до мурашек: "Внешность очень обманчива"

Video and photos Polyakova has shared in the account. So the video of a live performance with his Grand solo concert in the capital’s Palace of sports of the actress from the last year.

Sitting in the airy ball gown over the white piano, the singer sings a lyrical song, demonstrating his luxurious tone and strength of voice. And despite the fact that the song was featured a few years ago, fans Polyakova under her post admitted — from the performance they have “goosebumps”.

Полякова показала видео до мурашек: "Внешность очень обманчива"

“All we need is love” — philosophically said Polyakova.


In turn, subscribers were quick to share their opinions of the composition. Note that the actress also presented the more vivid and familiar to fans of the images in the section “stories” of the social network Instagram.

Полякова показала видео до мурашек: "Внешность очень обманчива"

Earlier we reported that just yesterday the actress posted on his page in social network Instagram spicy the announcement of a new erotic Comedy “Swingers 2” where he played a major role.

And then the star literally filled the “photoshopped pics” on the representation of the poster – the artist appeared several otfotoshopili variants of the poster for the upcoming film, which provoked a strong reaction in the network.

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Полякова показала видео до мурашек: "Внешность очень обманчива"

And just a few hours ago, the famous singer decided to surprise fans again. It is quite a scandalous way.

The fact that Olga Polyakova noticed obvious similarities between his music video “Queen of the night” and his colleagues have long been living and working in Russia, Svetlana Loboda in her new video for “Instadrama”. By the way, the latest clip was released just yesterday and has already caused a storm of outrage among fans.

Thus, a comparative photo of two images Polyakov posted on his page in social network Instagram, hinting thus that Loboda simply copied her style in the video.

“Queen of the night? Coincidence?”, — wrote the singer.

Followers noticed the similarity and Loboda too obvious. They supported Polyakov, noting that the superstar Loboda was just repeating it.

“And then Polyakova, pushing the clip Loboda🤣🤣🤣…. I wonder just for money or friendship???? Oh yeah, third option: “you are me and I you…”🤣🤣🤣”, 2Копия … but Raschke lipstick-not enough money :))))”, “Loboda and Ani Lorak zapadenka🤮🤮🤮”, “Well, go see Loboda is more EXPENSIVE.. that only the background is😂😂” – write users.

Recall, Polyakova “followed” sabredance.

As reported Politeka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans.

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