Polyakova “bared” my soul to fans: Mistress to be I didn’t choose

Полякова «обнажила» душу перед фанатами: Любовницей быть я не выбирала

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova, presented to the audience a new, explicit song

Queen of the night Olya Polyakova, who once again pleased to return to the floor of Dancing with the stars, gave his fans a new single — this time a very sensitive and honest. Strong song “the Mistress” has already caused a wave of rave reviews on the official youtube page Polyakova.

New hit Polyakova — confessions of a mistress who understands that stole love from another woman. At the same time in the song:

“I will return everything you stole, mistress I have not chosen”.

Полякова «обнажила» душу перед фанатами: Любовницей быть я не выбирала

The author of music and words called Olga Zhyvotkov (Bazhan).

Полякова «обнажила» душу перед фанатами: Любовницей быть я не выбирала

Mogilev again was stout and struck grubby appearance: photo
Show business

Fans Polyakova hastened to leave your comments about the new hit, his favorite:

“A completely different place! With serious lyrics, but the same incredible energy and strong vocals. Very interesting move! Success song!”, “Super. As if my life written off. I had this situation in exactly in exactly as in the words of the song, he stayed with me a Great song and a wonderful video… or the video…”, “it’s the right song, especially for those who have been in this “skin” a”, “a Gorgeous song, the voice…just beautiful!! Olga is not the same in this song”, “Listened a few times. HIT! Success in work. Thank you happy new songs!”.

Полякова «обнажила» душу перед фанатами: Любовницей быть я не выбирала

Also earlier it was reported that the famous Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova surprised their fans with the next trick.

As you know, last night popular singer, who previously literally blew up the network with their naked pictures from vacation in the Maldives, again shocked the audience. The fact that the famous superblondinka put a picture in which she poses Nude, covering her breast with hands. However, the woman was only tight pants.

“The evening will not be languid 🔥🔥🔥 Today I will tame participants @topmodels_ukraine. Do not get confused whether they are in the frame with a star partner? 😎 Learn today at 19:00 @novy_channel. #ulapalakua #topmodelyoung #ukraineaccording”, signed star your new photo, announcing their participation in the show.

Recall, Polyakova “followed” sabredance.

As reported Politeka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans.

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