Polyakov spoke frankly about Zelensky. Video

Полякова честно высказалась о Зеленском. Видео

The singer posted the first statement, explaining its position.

Ukrainian singer Olya Polyakova officially confirmed their political ambitions. She announced the creation of a women’s party. Immediately after this, the singer posted the first statement, explaining its position.

In his first interview as a politician, the Ukrainian singer said much of anything about his views on modern government and its positions. Much has been said about the new President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky.

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“Why Vladimir Zelensky? Because he is an open person. Because he doesn’t need to wear a jacket and “his cot” to believe him. You know? It is enough from the heart to say his speech. That’s what has made society on trust.During the interview, she several times talked about his support of Vladimir and even hinted that she’d like to collaborate with man in the future.I was very supportive. Now do not envy him, it will be hard. This is a very brave man, he dropped everything that he loved and threw all of which have fun,” said Olya Polyakova.

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