Polyakov showed themselves without make-up and hair styling: “the Mistress”

Полякова показала себя без макияжа и укладок: "Любовница"

Famous Ukrainian singer Olga Polyakova has pleased fans with his new video

Just yesterday, the artist posted on his page in social network Instagram spicy the announcement of a new erotic Comedy “Swingers 2” where he played a major role. And then the star literally filled the “photoshopped pics” on the representation of the poster – the artist appeared several otfotoshopili variants of the poster for the upcoming film, which provoked a strong reaction in the network.

And just a few hours ago, the famous singer decided to surprise fans again. This time in an unusual way. The fact that Polyakov presented on the page a short video in which showed how she’s playing one of his songs. The star herself posed in home attire, no styling and no makeup.

In the caption to his video Polyakova were asked to guess the followers that the song she sang:

“What song is that???” – wrote the artist.

Fans began to recognize and write their own versions of heard. Forgot netizens also mention the appearance of the singer.

“Mistress👍 very useful song 😊”, “Ponomarev “I love only you” meni similar)”, “Oh how fun…. 😻”, “Mistress 🔥”could not listen to the song, but closely watched!!!🔥”, “Very nice”, “Mistress”, “the best song which touches your soul❤ I”, “Olga, you know this lover does not rest?”, “Lubovnica Perche…s music:)”, “Love mistress 💔”, “What song? Very calm, melodic, beautiful👏😍😍”, “Mistress 🔥”, “Olga without makeup you’re beautiful. You are the most super”, “Honey, our, we love you very much, did not penetrate on the song, but I’m proud of you”, “Lover”, “never mind, I swam” – write users.

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Полякова показала себя без макияжа и укладок: "Любовница"

Полякова показала себя без макияжа и укладок: "Любовница"

Полякова показала себя без макияжа и укладок: "Любовница"

Полякова показала себя без макияжа и укладок: "Любовница"

Earlier, the star published a striking photo, which appeared before the fans in a spectacular manner.

Apparently, the photo was taken in a television Studio during the filming of the show “Amazing people”.

Полякова показала себя без макияжа и укладок: "Любовница"

Olya sits in a chair in an elegant pose, her face bright makeup, and hair down in elegant style. In the ears of the singer a chunky silver earrings with stones that skim the collarbone. In this case, the artist flaunts short dress light green shade, which is also very shiny.

“As we continue our heading))) that will put 👍or👎??? #Delavigne”, – wrote under his photo Polyakova, immediately triggering a strong reaction in the network.

Users really appreciated the new image of the actress, while not forgetting the praise and compliments to fill up. Many followers fell in love not only the outfit of the actress, but her active feed update lately.

As you know, the singer participated in the filming of the show and this is actively shared with the fans and staged photos.

“Our Queen of the night 😚”, “Dealno))🌹”, “hands and feet represented correctly, so mnogoopytny like👍))))))))”, “You to me in any way 👍👍👍!”, “Olya, feet-Persik😍”, “you are all beautiful”, “of Course 👍, you’re amazing)”, “classy lady”, “At your age but more so to look, probably conjure”, “Sami Doug naucratius legs ✌I 😍👀❤this😘Ukraine👍👍” – write users.

Recall, Polyakova “followed” sabredance.

As reported Politeka, Polyakova in bed confused by all candid photos.

Also Politeka wrote that Polyakov was tried on a down jacket Buzova and laugh fans.

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