Poltava “Vorskla” in the qualification match of the League of Conferences defeated the Swedes

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 Vorskla Poltava defeated the Swedes in the Conference League qualifying match < /p>

As part of the second round of qualification for the UEFA Conference League on Thursday, July 21, Poltava “Vorskla” opposed the Swedish club AIK.

Due to the war in Ukraine, the Poltava team nominally played a home match in Sweden at the “Tele2Arena” stadium, but even this did not prevent the Ukrainian club from winning. The matches were officiated by the Swiss referee Urs Schneider.

Ruslan Stepanyuk, Yury Kozyrenko and Artem Chelyadin scored goals among the winners. Nicolas Stefanelli and Sebastian Larsson scored against nominal guests.

Vorskla – AIK – 3:2

Goals: Stepanyuk, 4, Kozyrenko, 24, Chelyadin, 69 – Stefanelli, 17, Larsson, 44

“Vorskla”: Riznyk, Perduta, Zaikov, Yavorsky, Batsula, Kozyrenko (Chelyadin, 69), Till (Felipe Rodriguez, 88), Putslin , Oleinik, Stepanyuk, Marlison
AIK: Nordfeldt, Mendes (Lustig, 79, Ring, 89), Milosevic, Papayanopoulos, Otieno, Hussein, Stefanelli, Larsson, Bjornström, Mbunga-Kimpioka (Guidetti, 58), Elbudesi ( Abdirakhman, 59)

Warnings: Perduta, Kozyrenko, Putslin, Stepaniuk – Papayannopoulos, Milosevic, Larsson, Ring

It is worth noting that this was the first official match for Viktor Skripnik at the the post of head coach of “Vorskla” and the debut for the Ukrainian specialist turned out to be excellent.

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