Poll: US Jewish Students Feel Dangerous on Campuses

Poll: US Jewish students feel at risk on campuses

Most American Jewish college students feel in danger.

This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by the Louis D Center . Of the Brandeis for Human Rights in accordance with the law.

The study involved 1,027 members of the country's main Jewish brotherhood, Alpha Epsilon Phi. About 70% of respondents have personally experienced or were familiar with anti-Semitic attacks in the past 120 days.

Over 65% of Jews feel that they are not safe on campus. Half have to hide their Jewish identity. They took this step to avoid physical and verbal attacks.

“In fact, the survey shows that the longer students stay on campus, the less secure they feel and the more they feel the need to hide. your identity. Students experience both traditional anti-Semitism in the form of traditional attacks and a new form of anti-Semitism against Israel '', & ndash; said in the description.

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