Poll: Secular Israelis feel threatened by new government

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 Poll: secular Israelis feel threatened by new government

The vast majority of secular Israelis, 70%, believe their way of life is threatened by the new government led by Benjamin Netanyahu.

The results show this

Most Israelis believe Netanyahu mishandled coalition negotiations by making excessive concessions to his ultra-Orthodox allies.

When asked if they were worried about that they would not be able to lead their usual way of life, 70% of secular Jews answered that they were worried. 46.5% of non-religious Jews, 34% of traditional religious Jews, 22% of national-religious Jews and 19% of ultra-Orthodox Jews responded similarly.

64% of respondents believe that mass street demonstrations are likely to begin soon. 35% of respondents expect an increase in the outflow of Israelis from the country in response to the rule of the new government.

In turn, 51.5% of respondents believe that the coalition will weaken Israel's international position, 29% think that it will improve, 9% do not expect any effect.

48% of respondents believe that the new government will worsen the civil situation of the Arabs, 22% hold the opposite theory, 15% do not believe that this will make a difference.
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