Poll: More than half of Israelis are overweight

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 Poll: More than half of Israelis are overweight

Most Israelis are overweight, and one in five smokers, according to a survey conducted by the National Center for Disease Control under the Ministry of Health.

The fate of 4,135 residents aged 21 and over, of which 2,710 were Jews and 1,425 Arabs.

According to the data, two-thirds of those surveyed do not engage in physical activity. Physicians say that the lack of physical activity is the main cause of about 25% of cases of breast and colon cancer, about 27% of cases of diabetes and 30% of cases of coronary heart disease.

The survey also showed that about 56 % of citizens are overweight or obese. It is noted that this figure among Arabs is higher than among Jews. 61.3% and 54.8% respectively.

The results of the survey also showed that every fifth Israeli smokes.

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