Poll: More than 75% of Israelis are afraid of getting into an accident

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 Poll: over 75% of Israelis are afraid of getting into an accident

More than 75% of Israelis fear getting into a car accident, and more than half of drivers regularly exceed the speed limit by more than 10 kilometers, according to data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Survey data showed that about a quarter of respondents sometimes read text messages while driving, and 41% sometimes drive when they are very tired.

The Central Bureau of Statistics surveyed 7,416 road users movements aged 20 and over.

The survey showed that 76% feared getting into an accident as a driver, passenger or pedestrian.

70% feared that the accident would be the fault of another road user, and 19% expected that they will be hit by chance, divine intervention, or simple bad luck.

Among respondents, 6.6% said they had been in an accident in the previous 12 months.

In general, 21% of drivers answered that they feel completely safe on the road, 47% feel safe, and 32% do not feel safe.

drivers, and among women this increased to 36%.

The vast majority of people over the age of 20 (91%) said they wear a seat belt when in a car.

57% of drivers admitted to exceeding the speed limit by more than 10 km/h on city streets, while 43% said they never do so.

A third of drivers said they do not keep proper distance to other vehicles.

Only 2.7% of drivers often talk on the phone while driving rather than use the speakerphone. 15% said they sometimes hold their phone while talking.

Among motorcycle and scooter riders, 82% said they didn't feel safe on the road, 13% said they felt safe, and 4 .5% said they feel completely safe.

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