Poll: Israelis treat Germans better than vice versa

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 Poll: Israelis treat Germans better than vice versa

The Israelis are more positive about Germany than the Germans are about the Jewish State. This is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted by Pollytix Strategic Research GmbH in Germany and New Wave Research. Among Germans, 46% feel good about Israel and 34% feel bad. In contrast, 63% of Israelis feel good about Germany, 19% feel bad. In turn, 35% of Israelis believe that the FRG is responsible for the Jewish State in view of their history, the same opinion is held by 35% of Germans. 61% of Israelis would like the German government to provide unilateral political support to their side in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This opinion is shared by only 12% of respondents from Germany. Nearly two-thirds, 64% of Germans believe that both sides in the conflict should give in equally.

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