Poll: Gazans Blame PA and Hamas for Crises

Poll: Gazans Blame PA and Hamas Crises

An opinion poll showed that most Gazans believe the Palestinian Authority and Hamas are responsible for the ongoing crises in Gaza, The Jerusalem Post reported.
< The poll was conducted by the Palestinian Research Center Atlas and involved 1,000 Palestinians living in Gaza. 45% of respondents believe the PA is responsible for various crises in Gaza. 25% said Hamas was to blame, and only 15% blamed Israel. The poll also showed that only 7% of respondents blame Egypt for the crises. The poll also showed that the majority of Palestinians in Gaza believe that their living conditions will remain the same or worsen. 87% of those surveyed feel safe under Hamas' rule in Gaza, another 59% are satisfied with the way government agencies controlled by Hamas operate. With regard to the conflict with Israel, 47% of respondents expressed support for the “ armed resistance '' ; as the preferred method of restoring Palestinian rights. It is worth emphasizing that the Palestinian Authority, Hamas and a number of international organizations blame Israel for the “economic and humanitarian crisis” in Gaza, where about 2 million Palestinians live. By the way, in 2017-2018, PA President Mahmoud Abbas imposed sanctions on Gaza in an attempt to undermine Hamas and bring about the fall of the group that seized control of Gaza. The sanctions included, among other things, cuts in civil servants' salaries and financial assistance to low-income families.

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