Poll: 39% of Israelis use social media while driving

Poll: 39% of Israelis use social media while driving

The Or Yarok poll showed that 39% of respondents send text messages while driving.

89% of the population believe that reading and writing messages on a mobile phone during driving is a very dangerous activity.

This is evidenced by a new survey conducted by the Or Yarok Association with the assistance of the Maagar Mohot Institute on the occasion of the Road Safety Week.

The study looked at the percentage of drivers in Israel who talk, read or send messages while driving, use the internet and social media.

conscious, ineffective, and even though the public is well aware of the dangers, many drivers still use their mobile phones while driving.

So, in addition to the aforementioned 39% who admitted to using social networks and texting while driving, you can also see that 33% of drivers admitted that they talk on a mobile phone while driving without a speakerphone, and 82% admitted that talking on a cell phone while driving with a headset or speakerphone.

Erez Kita, CEO of Or Yarok Association: & ldquo; Distraction while driving is one of the most serious traffic violations. this is the moment when the car actually moves without a driver. The vast majority of the population is aware of the danger, but is not afraid of being caught by the police and continues to put all of us in danger every day. The State of Israel must step up its war on drivers who surf the Internet while driving. The way to do this is to increase police presence and mobility on the roads.

There is no substitute for police presence on the roads to reduce road accidents and save lives. ”

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