Politics is us. Valters Sīlis has staged “The Death of the Perfect Sentence” at the National Theater / Article

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Politics is us. Valters Sīlis has staged “The Death of the Perfect Sentence” at the National Theater / Article

On October 9, the premiere of Rein Raud’s drama “Death of the Perfect Sentence” directed by Valters Sīlis is expected in the Great Hall of the Latvian National Theater, the theater representatives informed.

The work of the Estonian writer is dedicated to a time that was special in Latvia as well – the Third Awakening in the late 1980s, when, as the show said, “The Soviet Union was confused, from time to time they were gathered in demonstrations, stood shoulder to shoulder, and finally felt brave. However, there were still vigilant eyes in gray civilian clothes that closely followed freedom lovers.

This story about this time will bring together two young people – the Estonian girl Marija and the Russian boy Alex – and also decide.

But – they will know what is the most perfect sentence in the world. “

Ieva Struka, the author of the dramatization and the head of the literary department of the National Theater, says about the production: Estonian writer Rein Raud has written a novel, The Death of a Perfect Sentence, and Walter Sīlis has staged a play about how these and other major events affected the lives of young people during the four turbulent years. A show addressed to two groups, two generations of viewers. For the first to experience it all, and the show will take them back to their youth, to be able to head and say, yes, that’s how it really is, see how we know how to make the right choices and regain freedom.

But the second audience is today’s young people, so that they can see on the theater stage that politics is us.

Even the change of state system depends on us. When the old system collapsed, it was possible to “sacrifice” the life and first love of some good people. When creating the drama, at the request of the director, we tried to get a precise feel for the author’s intonation and slightly ironic view of his and his friends’ youthful adventures. And yet it is not for nothing that this revolution is called singing – it is a time when everyone became artists, because they moved a few centimeters above the ground, went shoulder to shoulder, acted, thought and, of course, sang, because they realized that here and now history. And it has already happened. ”

Juris Hiršs, Kaspars Aniņš, Madara Reijere, Matīss Budovskis or Raimonds Celms, Igors Šelegovskis, Egils Melbārdis, Kārlis Reijers, Evija krūze, Jānis Kronis and others will play in the show. The creative team of director Valters Sīlis also includes set designer Uģis Bērziņš, costume designer Ieva Kauliņa, playwright Ieva Struka, lighting artist Oskars Pauliņš.

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