Politicization of terror: Gantz and settlement leaders exchange accusations

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 Politicization of terror: Gantz and settlement leaders exchange accusations< /p>

Settlement leaders have criticized Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz after he accused them of politicizing the growing number of Palestinian attacks in Judea and Samaria. This is reported by the Jerusalem Post.

In an interview with Israeli TV Channel 12, Gantz was asked if he thought the settlers were right in calling for a larger military operation against Palestinian terror. To this, Gantz replied that the army was “working normally” and that what was happening was “politics.”

Gantz said he understood people's feelings, but “security is not politics.” .

The head of the regional council, Benyamin Israel Gantz, issued a statement following the minister's words: “We believe that the Minister of Defense considers the issue of security and human rights in Judea and Samaria as a political issue. It is very noticeable on the ground. Just two days ago, we demonstrated in front of his house and warned that there would be dire consequences without decisive action against the terrorists. Unfortunately, this morning he knows exactly who was talking about politics and who was right.

like politics. It's not politics, it's mathematics,” said the head of the Council of Settlements, Shlomo Neeman, referring to the growing number of victims of terror.

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