Politicians' reaction to the tragedy: “Israel has lost the best of the best”

Politicians' reaction to the tragedy:

Politicians reacted to the crash of a military helicopter off the coast of Haifa, which killed two officers.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett expressed condolences the families of the victims and wished the surviving officer recovery.

“It was a very sad night. The Air Force pilots who died in the plane crash were some of our best sons. The people of Israel will not forget their contribution to the security of the state. Blessed be their memory '', & ndash; said Bennett.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said Israel has lost the best of its best sons.

“My heart is with the families who lost what was most precious. Their contribution and love for the country will forever remain in our memory. May they rest in peace & quot ;, & ndash; he said.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu also provided a comment.

“Together with all the citizens of Israel, I share the deep grief over the deaths of Lieutenant Colonel Erez Shahyani and Major Heng in a plane crash Vogel. I offer my condolences to their families. Blessed be their memory '', & ndash; he noted.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz also spoke with condolences and wishes of recovery to the officer.

“I spoke with the Chief of the General Staff and I promise that the IDF will investigate the incident and make the necessary conclusions. I would like to thank the rescue forces who acted quickly and professionally in difficult conditions to find the crew members '', & ndash; he said.

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