Police shut down Kav 10 club in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, the police closed the club & ldquo; Kav 10 & rdquo;

Club & ldquo; Kav 10 & rdquo; in Tel Aviv was closed by the police for 30 days after 4 times more people arrived at the party this weekend than it is allowed today.

The managers thought about the benefits and completely forgot about the opportunities and realities. More than 400 visitors have arrived at the club, which physically can only accommodate 143 people. This is not to mention the fact that a total of about 700 people arrived.

When the police arrived at the establishment, it turned out that the management had a license for 330 people, but in fact there were 400 in the hall. people, and in total 705 tickets were sold, so everyone knew about the scale of what was happening. Today, ticket sellers refuse to return money to those who never got to the party.

Rom Iluz, the owner of the club, says that even before the coronavirus era, he intended to expand the area to 600 square meters. meters, but did not have time to do it, which he regrets now.

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