Police shoot dead aggressive zebra that attacked its owner in Ohio

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 Aggressive zebra that attacked its owner in Ohio was shot by police officers

Police in Ohio shot dead a zebra after it bit its owner's arm and continued to act aggressively towards police, authorities said.

Officers arrived at the man's home in Circleville, Ohio on Sunday after he called to say “a zebra had bitten off his arm.”

They found the man lying on the ground, his arm injured, officials said , but the message that she was "bitten off" All the same, it was an exaggeration.

The victim was evacuated to the hospital for medical care.

At the same time, the male zebra, who was at the site, again tried to attack people. The enraged animal rammed into the side door of a police car, according to a report from the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office obtained by the BBC.

Attempts to scare the animal away with whistles and a police siren only helped temporarily, and the male continued to behave aggressively.

The family that owned the zebra told the police that they could shoot the zebra if it got close. Body camera footage released by the sheriff's office shows a zebra lunging at police officers before one of them fired a shotgun and killed her.

The reason for the zebra's behavior remains unclear, but authorities said it was a male may have been trying to protect female zebras that were on the same property.

Zebras are not classified as wild or dangerous animals by the Ohio Department of Agriculture, which allows them to be kept as pets.

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