Police responded to the demolition of the monument to Zhukov

В полиции отреагировали на снос памятника Жукову

The tear gas injured three police officers.

After the demolition in Kharkiv the monument to Marshal Georgy Zhukov, the police began two investigations. Criminal proceedings are open, but with a piled monument they are linked only indirectly.

Investigators Kamyshenskogo police Department are more interested in the person who sprayed tear gas into the crowd.

The tear gas was injured three policemen who were on duty near the demolished activists of the monument. Law enforcement officers received a chemical burn of the eye and was hospitalized. Opened criminal proceedings on hooliganism and violence against law enforcement officer.

Recall activists who came to picket the Congress of the political party, demolished the monument to Zhukov Prospekt Petra Grigorenko. The sculpture was pulled from the pedestal, and in its place hoisted the flag of Ukraine. The monument cracked in the fall, and then was further broken by the protesters. Also demolition of the monument activists tried to bring down the inscription from the pedestal.

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