Police raid: “Where does the money for the Corvette come from?”

Police raid:

This was one of the largest police operations in the south of the country in the Arab sector. Tax and state prosecutors also took part in the raid.

It all started yesterday morning. 200 police officers began to inspect the houses of suspects, whose debts to the state amount to millions of shekels, but this does not prevent debtors from owning luxury houses and expensive cars. This time the & ldquo; catch & quot; was impressive –
the police confiscated 12 cars of the Corvette, Porsche, Rubicon and Land Rover models, as well as large sums of money.

Typically, such an activity requires a court order for both search and seizure. But in these cases, the debts had already been declared final by the Israeli court, and this canceled the need for warrants. Basically, the police were dealing with citizens who were suspected of tax evasion and smuggling of goods. The lifestyle of the owners of the confiscated property aroused suspicions among the inspection authorities that the declared level of income did not correspond to reality, and that the property was acquired illegally.

& ldquo; These guys, rolling in expensive cars, are known to us as criminals & rdquo; – said the deputy commander of the Negev police, Eyal Azulay.

& ldquo; We confiscated cars worth millions of shekels, and we also seized large sums of money. The police, together with the tax authorities, intend to investigate how these funds got to these criminals. '' helicopters. Next in line is a series of interrogations about how such unprecedented wealth fell into the hands of those who claimed to own a shack and a barely alive donkey.

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