Police launch investigation against left-wing activists in Hebron

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 Police launch investigation against left-wing activists in Hebron

As a result of the incident in Hebron on Friday, November 25, five Givati ​​soldiers were suspended from duty, and the Chief of Staff sent a warning letter to all IDF soldiers.

On the morning of November 27, Makor Rishon reported that police had opened an investigation into left-wing activists involved in a clash with IDF soldiers. In the incident, which was recorded and circulated on social media on Shabbat, Givati ​​soldiers serving in Hebron were seen clashing with left-wing activists who came for a “solidarity visit” with the Palestinian residents of the city. After receiving documentary evidence, five fighters and commanders of the Givati ​​brigade were suspended from service.

The footage shows a soldier knocking a left-wing activist to the ground and beating him, while another soldier says to the camera: “Ben Gvir will clean up the mess here.” and “I don't like the left.” The soldiers involved in the incident filed a complaint against the activists. It says: “A group of leftists arrived in an area where it is forbidden to enter without permission, we asked them if they had permission, but they did not answer. They ignored us and tried to enter anyway, due to our position we tried to block them and then a fight started. One ran into an area where he was forbidden to enter. Another activist physically assaulted the soldier, and things went from bad to worse.”

Lawyer Moshe Polsky of Honenu, who represents one of the soldiers suspended after the incident, said: “He – an exemplary soldier, a fighter who works day and night for the security of Israel. My client and his friends were threatened, harassed and attacked by anarchist activists who came to the scene and staged a provocation. We will work to bring these activists to justice. We must not allow our soldiers to be trampled and humiliated. We will defend all the rights of my client, who just wanted to contribute to the defense of the people and the country."

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