Police do not investigate lynching of returnee in Haifa

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 Police do not investigate lynching of immigrant in Haifa

Israeli TV channel 12 published a report about an attack by a mob of Arabs on repatriate Viktor Damkov in Haifa two months ago.

Damkov tried enter the parking lot in the Hadar quarter, where he lives. The car was blocked from entering. The driver of the car began to speak to Damkov in Arabic, and realizing that it was not an Arab in front of him, he began to curse him and smash his car. He phoned his friends for help. They attacked Victor, beat him, threw stones at him and smashed his car. At the same time, they yelled: “Jew! Jew!”.

Victor managed to call the police. When the patrol car arrived at the scene, he was already losing consciousness. Victor was evacuated to the hospital in critical condition. His wife, Nadine, arrived at the hospital and was able to identify her husband only by his shoes – his head was wrapped in bloody bandages.

Two days later, Nadine filed a complaint with the police. The police at the hospital took a statement from Victor. And after that, nothing happened. Victor and Nadine got the impression that the police simply folded their hands. The main instigator of the lynch was released on the evening of the same day that he was detained. No other arrests or evidence was taken.

Viktor's lawyer, Ran Cohen Rochbeger says: “The behavior of the Israeli police is simply unthinkable. A nationalist attack has been made in the heart of Haifa. All evidence of this was handed over to the police, but the police did not even carry out elementary investigative actions.

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