Police beat and arrest a Netzach Yehuda battalion soldier

Police beat and arrested a soldier of the battalion

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Israeli social media are reporting an incident near the Givat Asaf junction.

Soldier of the Netzach Yehuda battalion I was traveling by bus from my home in Jerusalem to the base in Benjamin. The soldier had a conflict with the bus controller.

The controller called the police. The police demanded that the soldier, who was traveling in civilian clothes, but had a service weapon with him, to identify himself and surrender the weapon. The soldier showed his identity card, but refused to give the police the weapon without the commander's permission.

According to the soldier, the police and several other people attacked him, knocked him down, beat him, took away the weapon and handcuffed him. After that, he was taken to the Shaar Binyamin police station. On the way, the policeman slapped the soldier and told him that he was “ nothing better than Arab terrorists. ''

At the police station, the soldier was put in the same cell with three Palestinians, some of whom were detained for participating in the riots … After 12 hours spent there, the soldier was transported to the Russian courtyard in Jerusalem and a day later was released on bail.

IDF officers announced that after the incident they intend to dismiss the soldier from military service.

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