Police arrived to the shooting in the river: “taken hostage”

Наряды полиции съехались на стрельбу в Днепре: "взял в заложники"

In the river man came “to bring orders” in his apartment – at the same time held hostage by a woman at the scene of the riot Ukrainians came several police

The police of the Dnieper, reported the case of a robbery:

“On February 16 at approximately 23:30, the police reported that on the street by Dmytro Dontsov the unknown shot at the man from the apartment window. The victim was immediately hospitalized, and on a place of incident arrived more than 5 of the crews of patrol police unit the tactical / operational response and investigative team”.

As it turned out, the gunman, was in the apartment, located on the second floor of a three storey house. According to preliminary information, the man shot in the stomach taxi driver. It is also known that the victim was taken to the regional hospital named after Mechnikov, he underwent surgery.

Aggressive man loudly shouted, “summoned to the house of a girl of easy virtue and to release its not going to.”

Наряды полиции съехались на стрельбу в Днепре: "взял в заложники" Наряды полиции съехались на стрельбу в Днепре: "взял в заложники" Наряды полиции съехались на стрельбу в Днепре: "взял в заложники"

When the officers arrived, the man was swearing and claimed that he was “not sorry to spend the next 15 — 20 years, but to shoot them all”:

“We communicated through the window and promised to shoot anyone who comes”.

A grief-the terrorist shouted everyone to move away from the balcony, then he released the girl, and then decided to go outside, where he was detained two patrolmen:

“Investigators conducted a search in the apartment. They seized evidence that was in the apartment. We also do not know from which weapon fired the man. What kind of gun the suspect used, will be known after the examination”.

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The instigator of the incident was taken to the Cathedral police station the Dnieper.

Наряды полиции съехались на стрельбу в Днепре: "взял в заложники"

Recall that police catch violators with cameras, and citizens bought themselves repair the roads.

This writes the historian, the political scientist Alexander paly in his blog.

So recently the author was in the winery, where we saw a real working new:

“The situation Centre in the Council. The bottom line is – the video of the many hundreds of camouflaged cameras is displayed on monitors around-the-clock sit well-trained guys from the bearing. The necessary information to the police or other authorities, or parties to the accident is given immediately. To disclose private information is strictly forbidden.”

Наряды полиции съехались на стрельбу в Днепре: "взял в заложники"

According to the blogger, people can live to help the police to catch criminals, something like:

“Here he is turned, you got it”. Last year in the city on the basis of information from the cameras revealed 7 kills, two of them registered, and many more crimes. Statistics is that – in a year in the winery each camera catches one a criminal, and nearly two dozen offences. Some cameras see the face through the glass, some cameras and camera traps set in the woods around the city.”

Recall the details of the attack in Kiev: shot, beaten and “blew out” the gas.

As reported Politeka in the bar began to shoot students, dozens of people fell from the bullets.

Earlier Politeka wrote that the luck of people were shot near a car wash, the criminals still at large.

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