Police arrest 'violent gang' of children in Lod

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 Police arrest

Police detained four minors aged 7 to 12 who were involved in violent incidents in Lod. Law enforcers dubbed the group a “violent gang that robs children and the elderly.” The police called the parents of the suspects to take them away, and reported this to the social authorities. “The case began with a complaint from a 12-year-old minor who was attacked by four children who tried to take his scooter away from him. A day later, a message came from a woman in her sixties about a group of children who threw stones at her, tried to steal her purse and fled the scene after failing, police said. On Wednesday, four children were reported molesting people near a local ATM. One of the children tried to snatch the woman's purse, which contained money withdrawn from an ATM. There were three boys and one girl in the gang. One of the suspects was wearing a ski mask and a glove. They were not delivered to the police station.

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