Police arrest 64 arms dealers

The police have arrested 64 arms dealers

This morning, the police announced the end of Operation Ocean, in which 64 suspected arms traffickers in the Arab sector were arrested.

The Haifa District Attorney's Office is expected to file charges against 52 suspects no later than tomorrow, after the investigation has provided evidence.

At the same time, the prosecution is expected to demand an extension of their detention pending the end of the proceedings.

As part of an undercover operation for more than a year, the Central Division of the Northern District arrested 64 people on suspicion of illegal use and trade in weapons. After a thorough investigation, police investigators uncovered evidence against 52 of them. It was a covert operation that resulted in the arrest of the largest number of arms dealers and the seizure of the largest number of weapons: 40 rifles, 13 pistols, two machine guns and two explosive devices.

The covert operation was carried out as part of the commander's policy Northern District, Superintendent Shimon Lavi & ldquo; drain the swamp, not just catch mosquitoes & rdquo ;. Northern District Police are working to identify and eliminate smuggling, trade and arms trafficking routes in Arab society.

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