Poland puts a spoke in the wheels of Russia: “Putin Pipe was under threat”

Польша ставит палки в колеса РФ: "Труба Путина оказалась под угрозой"

Poland against the compromise of the EU and Russia in the case of “Nord stream 2”

This became known after the message of the Polish Minister of foreign Affairs Bartosz Tsihotsky the “Polish Radio”.

Poland will support changes in the EU legislation that should be extended and on the Russian suppliers of natural gas. Moreover, she is going to apply all efforts to prevent implementation of the project “North stream 2” by the Russian side.

“We will continue our efforts to block this project, primarily through bilateral talks with Berlin, as well as with the United States, which does not exclude the imposition of sanctions”, — said the representative of the foreign Ministry of Poland.

Польша ставит палки в колеса РФ: "Труба Путина оказалась под угрозой"

Tsihotsky the Minister also added that the critical position for the project “Nord stream” indicates that here we are not talking about the Polish-German conflict, but the conflict between Europe, or even more – between the Western world and Germany.

It is known that on February 8, passed a vote in the European Council of Ministers which was to decide the question on the “Nord stream 2”. It was expected that the Ministers will lead the pipeline from jurisdiction of Germany in the EU Jurisdiction. However, under pressure from Germany, was adopted by more than a compromise for Russia.

It was reported earlier that France decided to oppose the construction of “Nord-stream 2”. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of France announced that he intends to maintain the gas change EU legislation so that its action extended to the “Nord stream-2”. This became known after a press-service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of France made a statement on 7 February.

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Польша ставит палки в колеса РФ: "Труба Путина оказалась под угрозой"

We are talking about the spread of EU law. Gas Directive should be common on pipelines leading from third countries to the European Union. “The amended Directive will apply to the project” Northern stream-2 “. France intends to support the adoption of this Directive,” reads the statement of the foreign Ministry of the country.

France continues to work on a document with other EU countries. A significant role is played by Germany.

And already the 8th of February the Committee of permanent representatives of member States, the EU plans to consider the draft amendments to the Gas Directive.

Also recall that after the construction of the “Nord stream-2” Russia organizes a series of provocations to completely stop gas transit via Ukraine.

Yet it was reported that the Russian gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” will perform a “killer” of Ukraine, Minister of foreign Affairs of Poland.

In addition, the publication Politeka wrote that foreign companies that help Russia with the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2” is being hit by US sanctions.

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