Poland fully replaces oil from Russia on the Iranian

This information the British journalists were informed by a source in the Polish refining industry.

Sad news for Russian oil, while the price of the crisis they received one more heavy blow. One of their clients disappears a large European country – Poland. She completely abandons oil purchases from Russia, reports the British news Agency Reuters .

Польща повністю замінює нафту з Росії на іранську

Then it was fully confirmed and one more reliable channel. To replace the Russian Urals crude oil in Poland decided on Iran Iran Light and Iran Heavy.

Procurement of Russian oil to Poland was engaged in a large local trading company Mercuria that was essentially the end point runs from the Soviet-era Druzhba pipeline. She supplied the raw materials of the Urals in the two largest Polish processing plants, Lotos and Orlen. After the lifting of sanctions on Iran oil from this country is literally flooded the European market, which suffered a loss and the trader, and processors: Russian raw materials were too expensive and therefore unprofitable. The only correct decision in this situation was the transition to this cheaper and more efficient oil, which, moreover, comes to Europe at a substantial discount.

According to Reuters, in Poland, has arrived the first two tankers with Iranian oil. So the first batch oil refinery Orlen received today, August 14. Its volume was so serious that the 2 million barrels.

This Polish refiners flatly refuse to disclose the price at which they buy Iranian oil. The last known information on this subject came from the Iranian side in January 2016 . Then the official Tehran called for Russia shocking figure of $ 17 per barrel.

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