Poklonskaya announced the imminent capture of Kiev: “It’s ours”

Поклонская заявила о скором захвате Киева: "Он наш"

Ex-Prosecutor of Crimea, the Deputy of the state Duma Natalia Poklonskaya predicted the future of the Kiev Russia

At a press conference in Moscow Poklonskaya said that Russia in 5-10 years will continue reunification with their historical lands in the future and will regain the Mother of Russian cities — Kiev.

“But what Russia will be like in 5-10 years — I’ll tell you — a prosperous, strong and increase your good old, blood of the border and, I hope, and Kiev, our Kiev, too, will thrive,” said Poklonski.

Earlier it was reported that social networks made fun of the odious Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation, “ex-Prosecutor” occupied Crimea Natalia Polonskaya.

This time the famous fight with the “black evil forces” Poklonskaya different Christmas greeting, filmed on video in the temple.

While the network has paid attention to one nuance is not associated with the Natalia Polonskaya.

Поклонская заявила о скором захвате Киева: "Он наш"

“Why this Orthodox woman in the Church with her head uncovered? To offend the believers? Excited whether the bodies?” — sarcastically asks the Internet user who posted the video on Twitter.

Note, the video gathered a lot of comments. Users of the social network to Express their ironic assumptions about it.

“When instead of the head well. PA, it is possible and so, with an uncovered”, “note. From the lack of headscarves in women just bombed Russian Orthodox. In Europe, all the purple you are wearing in the temple. Moreover, I write about the Orthodox in Europe. Because everyone looks out for his head, But at least not on a horse,” “And the pot, putting into the oven, is not applicable to the contents are not spilled during boil,” “She’s a virgin!”, “Blessed and Holy fool without pants” — write in the comments.

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Поклонская заявила о скором захвате Киева: "Он наш"

Also, social network users drew attention to the rich outfit of Natalia Polonskaya.

“In simple robes appear, even going to Church at Christmas, they can’t! Even for show tele-zombie. Not to wear fur, gold or watch for Milen, it is beyond their strength”, But “in a fur coat! She’s behind a bottle of champagne!!!”, “It’s a hairy coat – stalbo to be bareheaded. Pile up” — write under the video.

Also we will remind that in the Internet ridiculed the controversial Crimean Prosecutor Natalya Poklonskaya, which has decided to “bump” into poetry.

Yet it was reported that a notorious Russian MP Natalia Poklonskaya is married.

Also recall that the odious Russian honorable “NASA” Poklonsky going to remove from the Committee of the state Duma.

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