Poker star lost $200,000 after failing to lose weight on a bet

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 Poker star lost $200,000 after failing to lose weight on a bet< /p>

Famous streamer and poker player Doug Polk has come up with an effective way to get in shape. The American agreed to make a bet, according to which he needed to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat by 2 times, but the motivation was not enough.

Doug Polk has built a successful poker career as he rose from the micros to the highstakes. In live tournaments alone, his total winnings are around $10,000,000. He is also the owner of 3 WSOP bracelets and is famous for his passion for betting.

dispute with Bill Perkins. According to the terms of the bet, Polk had to reduce the percentage of subcutaneous fat by 2 times in a year. At the same time, he was allowed to use the support of qualified trainers and a variety of diets.

The American started the challenge with a weight of 99.5 kilograms and a fat content of 27.7%. A year later, he needed to have at least 13.85% body fat in his body. Doug weighed himself again after 365 days. As a result, he lost more than 10 kilograms, but the percentage of subcutaneous fat was 15.1%.

According to Doug, the chef tried to make the food tasty, but did not go deep into counting calories. The nutritionist tried to convince him that everything was going well, although in the first month and a half, the amount of fat in the body increased. Therefore, Polk refused the services of specialists and worked on himself.

“For the first 5 months I was trying to build muscle and was not focused on losing weight. I hired a few people who were supposed to help, but they turned out to be generally unprofessional, & ndash; Polk tweeted.

Despite losing the bet, the American is pleased with his results. Most importantly, as Polk notes, he completely stepped out of his comfort zone and managed to solve a problem that he had suffered all his life. %5Etfw[/embed]

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