Pokémon Unite takes advantage of Halloween: Greedent, skins and map

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Pokémon Unite takes advantage of Halloween: Greedent, skins and map

Pokémon Unite dresses up with the arrival of Halloween to completely modify Aeos Island to adapt it to the holiday, although it is coming ahead a few days to offer from October 20 a new environment between maps, skins and even a new character of the eighth generation .

The calendar of Pokémon Unite It has been marked by fire for months at the TiMi Studios and Tencent headquarters and it is that in the famous beta in March details that are now shown were already known, a nod to Halloween now perpetrated by the first official trailer.

From October 20 to November 7 you will be able to enjoy a variant of Pokémon Unite for the differentiated environments on the map, for the new dresses and visual details for the users, but above all for the arrival of Greedent.

Although it is strange that Halloween takes advantage of us to sneak in a new ghost pokémon, Greedent arrives as an attacker or even as a jungle after the sneak peek seen in the official video, although the abilities are not yet known.

The effect on the skins is even more striking due to the appearance of the tribute to Sir Aaron on Lucario’s skin, a holoatuit seen already in the last beta that now incorporates new Halloween designs. He is joined by Jigglypuff pajamas, starry Elgedoss, Charizard Bufandín and Magic Zeraora.

The truth is that the skins still seem to stay in the middle without standing out excessively, because there are certain characters that barely change with a scarf or a hat, but that lack of risk is common in the franchise and usually works within its target audience. .

Pumpkin mode

For the first time since the launch of Pokémon Unite On Switch it seems that there will be a new alternative game mode to the usual 3v3 or 4v4, and it is that according to the big-headed pumpkins of the trailer it seems that we will have to turn the rivals into the famous Halloween element.

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