Pokémon GO: look for special Zarude rewards and research tasks

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Pokémon GO: look for special Zarude rewards and research tasks0

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Another Mythical Pokémon is being introduced Pokemon GO along with the Secrets of the Jungle event. This Pokémon is Zarude, a dual Dark and Grass type that was first revealed in February 2020. Pokemoneighth generation, joins the few others of that generation within Pokemon GO.

Unlike most special investigation assignments in Pokemon GO, players have a limited time to complete the Quest for Zarude tasks. Players will have from Friday, October 1 at 10 a.m. Until Sunday, October 10 at 8 p.m. M. To complete all the steps of the task.

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There are a total of five task steps in the Zarude’s Special Research Questbut the last step is to redeem rewards. Completing all the steps will allow players to find and attempt to capture Zarude.

Buscar Zarude Step One

Research task Reward
Catch seven different species of Pokémon Sun stone
Catch seven Pokémon Diglett Encounter
Take three snapshots of wild Ground-type Pokémon. Fifteen pokeballs

Completing all of these tasks will reward players with 250 Stardust, 10 Nanab Berries, and an encounter with Drilbur. It will also allow players to move to the next step.

Buscar Zarude Step Two

Research task Reward
Make five great throws in a row Five pineapple berries
Catch ten Bug-type Pokémon Encounter with Dwebble
Take three snapshots of wild Bug-type Pokémon Ten big balls

After completing this step, players will earn the additional rewards of 250 more Stardust, ten Razz Berries, and a Combee encounter. Lucky players may even have an encounter with a Combee, which can evolve into Vespiquen.

Buscar Zarude Step Three

Research task Reward
Use 20 berries to help catch Pokémon. Sunny Cherrim
Catch 30 Grass- or Insect-type Pokémon Vileplume
Take three snapshots of wild Grass-type Pokémon. Ten big balls

Once all three tasks are completed, players can redeem the reward for completing the step. It consists of 500 Stardust, ten Pinap Berries, and an encounter with Nuzleaf.

Buscar Zarude Step Four

Research task Reward
Derrota a seis Rocket Grunts del Team GO Encuentro Ariados
Catch fifteen Pokémon with Weather Boost Encounter without butter
Take three snapshots of Wild Flying-type Pokémon Diez Ultra Balls

This step will likely be the one that takes the longest of all the steps due to the number of GO Rocket Grunts that must be found and defeated. Completing it will give players 500 more Stardust, a poffinand a meeting with Rufflet.

Buscar Zarude Step Five

Research task Reward
Claim reward! 1000 XP
Claim reward! 1000 XP
Claim reward! 1000 XP

After claiming these bonus rewards, players will earn the final prizes of 1,000 Stardust, ten Zarude Candies, and an encounter with Zarude herself.

Pokemon GO is now available on Android and iOS devices.

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