“Poisoned” collaborator Saldo came to his senses, the cause of the disease is still a mystery

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RF-appointed "head of administration" Volodymyr Saldo of Kherson region regained consciousness after being poisoned, he was removed from the ventilator.

Doctors assess the condition of the collaborator as stably serious.

“At the same time, the item about "poisoning by an unknown substance". Now doctors officially suspect that Saldo has unspecified encephalopathy, purulent tracheobronchitis and pneumonia,” the report says.

Now Saldo is undergoing therapy. Doctors still cannot accurately establish a diagnosis – the possibility of poisoning is still being considered. According to clinical tests, everything is clear, and the results of toxicological tests, which may show the presence of poison in the blood, are carefully concealed. Russian journalists, citing sources, reported that Saldo was put into a coma.

Later, his “deputy” Kirill Stremousov said that information about Saldo's coma is “rumors”, and the reason for hospitalization is supposedly overwork

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