“Please…”: surfaced last conversation before hospitalization Luke Perry

"Пожалуйста...": всплыл последний разговор перед госпитализацией Люка Перри

The news of the death of Hollywood actor Luke Perry instantly spread around the world

So, star of TV series “Riverdale” and “Beverly hills, 90210” Luke Perry was hospitalized with a broad stroke. The ambulance took 52-year-old actor from his home in the valley of San Fernando in Los Angeles, California.

"Пожалуйста...": всплыл последний разговор перед госпитализацией Люка Перри

Perry was taken to a nearby hospital, details on his condition close were not disclosed, but the representative of the actor stated that he is under medical supervision. Doctors “conjured” over a celebrity and Perry began to feel better. But later came the sad news – on March 4 the star died. The actor was only 52 years old.

In the American media there are details of the last moments of life Luke Perry. It is known that he passed away surrounded by his family and his best friends. Thus, in particular, the actor was his girlfriend, which he proposed, Wendy Madison Bauer, the mother and ex-wife Minnie sharp, from which Perry’s two children – 18-year-old daughter Sophie and 21-year-old son Jack.

And just a few days ago in the Network appeared the first details of a 911 call made from the house of stars in Sherman oaks, California. As it turned out, the emergency rescue service called the woman, but her identity has yet to be calculated.

Reportedly, the man asked the call centre rescue service with a request that the medical staff “hurry up and get here”. The stranger asked “to press on the gas and hurry up”, thus giving to understand that Perry was in a very bad condition.

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Then the operator of the call center instructed the woman and asked “to stay where she was, to remove all animals from the room, if such were present, and to call back if condition worsens Perry”. In the publication DailyMail also noted that the 52-year-old Perry was taken to the hospital in 9 minutes and 46 seconds. Note, at the time of the stroke first aid is extremely important and every second of doctors should be on the bill, because when there is a stroke, immediately disturbed blood supply of the brain, brain cells begin to die.

"Пожалуйста...": всплыл последний разговор перед госпитализацией Люка Перри

Recall that earlier we wrote that the actor became famous after in the 90-ies on the screens out the series “Beverly hills, 90210” almost immediately became very popular. Perry played the handsome Dylan. Comment on the news of the death of a celebrity decided and his colleague, and previously close friend Shannen Doherty (Brenda in the TV series Beverly hills).

“I can’t talk about it, because I start to cry, but I love him and he knows that I love him. It’s Luke and he’s my Dylan”, — quotes the actress edition Etonline.

It is also worth noting that colleagues Perry from “Riverdale” were prolific on social networks words of support to relatives and friends, as well as the actor himself. In particular, all the main castes of the famous series expressed support for the man and almost all noted that Perry was the soul of their company.

We will remind that last photo of the stars “Beverly hills 90210” has stirred up the network.

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As reported Politeka, passed away legendary actor who played the “greatest villain” in the history of cinema.

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