‘Players’ Night’ awards presented. The best show of the season – Dailes’ Smiļģis

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‘Players’ Night’ awards presented. The best show of the season – Dailes’ Smiļģis

On the 135th birthday of the theater reformer and director Eduards Smiļģis, on November 23, at the Daile Theater “Gamblers’ night“, which presents” Stage Nails “- the highest award in theater art in Latvia.

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This year, the prizes were distributed differently from previous years, without the jury nominating candidates in various artistic and technical categories, but each theater nominated itself for its best performances.

Viesturs Kairītis’ production “Smiļģis” (author of the play Māra Zālīte) received the “Nail Stage” the most, which was “crowned” as the best show of the season. Also awarded the “Stage Nail” Viesturs Kairišs a Ieva Jurjāne for a collaboration between directing and scenography at the play “Smiļģis” at the Daile Theater. The award was also given to the actress Ieva Segliņa, who plays Raini in the show “Smiļģis”.

The first “Stage Nail” went to the new actor and director Klav Christoph Koshin for the performance “Conclave” “Dirty Deal Teatro”, while the second “Stage Nail” went to director Paula Pļavniece and the theater troupe “Kvadrifrons” for the Valmiera Summer Theater Festival “Mary and Lightning.”

The third “Stage Nail” traveled to the Latvian Puppet Theater and went to director Vija Blūzma for the play “Kiosk”, which is a stage version of Anete Melece’s popular book of the same name.

As mentioned, the fourth “Stage Nail” was awarded to Viesturs Kairis and Ieva Jurjāne for the collaboration of directing and scenography at the play “Smiļģis” at the Daile Theater.

Directors Krista Burāne and Mārtiņš Eihe were awarded the fifth “Stage Nail” for the play “My Neighbor Jew” at the Rezekne Theater “Joriks”.

The sixth “Stage Nail” was awarded to director Andrejs Jarovojs for convincing experimentation with contemporary theater forms. Gertrudes Street Theater had nominated two performances by Jarovoy – “Lost Songs” and “Chair”.

The seventh “Stage Nail” has been awarded to musician Jānis Šipkēvics Jr. for his role in Krista Auznieks’ chamber opera “Current”, which was performed this summer in the cultural space “Hanzas perons”.

The actress was awarded the eighth “Stage Nail” by “Players’ Night” Ieva Segliņa about Rainis’ role in the show “Smiļģis”.

The ninth “Stage Nail” went to director Dmitry Petrenko for convincingly creating his work and working with actors. Three performances staged by Petrenko were nominated for the “Players’ Night” award – “Zemdega” at the Daile Theater, as well as “Malыš” and “1,000,000 Good Things”.

The tenth “Stage Nail” was awarded to the artist Maria Ulmane for a vivid representation of the latest generation of scenographers.

Krista and Reinis Dzudzilo, as well as Andrās Juhās, have been awarded the eleventh “Stage Nail” for the visual image of the Daile Theater performance “Degunradži”.

The twelfth “Stage Nail” was awarded to actress Vita Vārpiņa for a subtle interpretation of the main role in the Daile Theater performance “Doctor” (director Gatis Šmits).

It has already been reported that the special “Players’ Night” award for a lifetime contribution to theater art was given to composer Imants Kalniņš.

It has already been reported that the performances of the “Players’ Night” competition for the 2020/2021 season were evaluated by a jury of five people: Zane Radzobe (theater critic and scientist, chairman of the jury), Edīte Tisheheere (theater critic and scientist), Juta Ance Ķirķis ( theater critic), Undine Adamaite (theater critic and cultural journalist), Gundega Saulite (theater critic).

The board of LTDS has chosen to entrust the creation of the “Players’ Night” award ceremony to the director Laura Groza and the actor Mārtiņš Meiers, who was the author of the script for the event. The scenography of the ceremony was created by Mārtiņš Vilkārsis, the musical design by Juris Vaivods, the lights by Oskars Pauliņš, the costumes by Ilze Vītoliņa, the video by -8. Producer of the event – Asnāte Siliņa.

This year’s “Players’ Night” was held for the 28th time.

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