Player hard has paid for the massacre on the field: “a life sentence”

Футболист жестко поплатился за резню на поле: «пожизненное наказание»

The player who cut the opponents blade, suffered the ultimate punishment

Midfielder Turkish Netspar, Mansur Calar, he received a lifetime ban after he carried on the football field, a razor blade and inflicted injuries to players opponents.

To investigate the strange incident was engaged by the Prosecutor’s office of Turkey. The victims were found cuts on the torso, neck and face.

Футболист жестко поплатился за резню на поле: «пожизненное наказание»

FC Netspar, instead of publicly apologizing for the “dirty tricks” of your player, accused the media of spreading not true rumors.

Recall scary incident happened during a match of the third Turkish division between the football teams “Midspar” and “Sakaryaspor”.

Player “Amadora” Mansur Calar quietly snuck on the field sharp blade. The player hid it in his hand and, having made a welcome handshake, to attack opponents.

The Internet has been published video, which shows how the athlete several times strikes the palm of the opponents. Players “Sakaryaspor” not found injured, but after the meeting, posted photos of the cuts in the Network.

While it is not known whether Netspar to punish his player for such a flagrant behavior. Guide “Amadora” said their player did not commit such an act and this is a slander and “dirty rumors” about Chalara. Such a statement, the club has published in his Twitter.

“When you are unable to win the match, you began to slander the name of our player Mansur Chalara. Mansour — pride Amadora,” — said in a football club.

However, the published photos of the players, “Sakaryaspor” after the match showed that it is unlikely it is slander.

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Футболист жестко поплатился за резню на поле: «пожизненное наказание»

Also earlier it was reported that the former player of Kiev “Dynamo” and national team of Ukraine has run into yet another scandal.

The player in the last eight years permanently beats up his ex-wife. This woman was personally told in the comment to journalists.

According to ex-wife of Oleksandr Aliyev Foundation, she has several years of suffering from the player. The woman also said that the ex-player of Kiev “Dynamo” filed 5 criminal cases over the beatings that he regularly gets her.

Tatiana also said that the last time a player beat her severely in front of the children.

Earlier, Dynamo and Shakhtar learned rivals in the play-offs of the Europa League.

As reported Politeka, Dynamo was among the best in the prestigious ranking.

Also Politeka wrote about the fact that Shakhtar and Dynamo have received compensation from FIFA for their players at the world Cup.


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