“Playboy Secrets” – a movie about who Hugh Hefner was

 “Playboy Secrets” - a movie about who Hugh Hefner was

“Playboy Secrets” is the title of a new 10-episode documentary about Playboy and its publisher Hugh Hefner.

Viewers will see what life the publisher of an erotic magazine led. Model manipulation, drugs, sexual freedom orgies.

Premieres on A&E on January 24th.

Exclusive insiders in an interview will talk about how they “were young”.


The VIP members of the Playboy nightclub could do whatever they pleased. According to the docu-series, respected Soul Train host Don Cornelius allegedly kept “two Playboy Bunnies” captive, while “one” some of them even raped, according to the Daily Mail.

Holly Madison, "bunny" from Playboy magazine, who dated Hefner for eight years, said that Hefner refused to use condoms, and life in the house led her to consider suicide more than once.

The series includes an interview with Linda Lovelace, a 1970 porn star 's, made famous by the movie “Deep Throat”, which says that she was treated like a “piece of meat”. and forced to perform oral sex on a German Shepherd while Hefner and his friends watched.

The documentary is a critical reexamination of the legacy of the iconic publisher Playboy, who died in 2017 at the age of 91.
To Hefner was only 27 years old when he published the first issue of Playboy magazine in 1953.

The first issue with Marilyn Monroe on the cover sold over 50,000 copies. By the 1970s, Playboy was selling seven million copies a month, and Hefner had opened dozens of Playboy clubs.

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